europa league qualifications predictions

Make money on Europa League qualifications predictions

Here´s some ideas on how to make money on Europa League qualifications predictions. We decided to go with Bet365 on this prediction because they have a good bonus, which gives some extra money to spread on the bets. At this link you get some free money.

Then just go on and check our Europa League qualifications predictions for each game down below.

Europa League qualifications predictions

The best part in Europa League qualifcations predictions is the fact that some teams are really weak and therefore can lose quite big even against weak teams.
So, just cut to the chase.

FK Ventspils vs Valur Reykjavik

This Europa League qualifications prediction will be a home win. The payout is 2.25 times the money which is good on a solid home team against a Icelandic club. Iceland is good, but that´s in internationals. The good players don´t play on Iceland.
So it´s good value. Ventspils is a solid home team and should have at least 50 percent chance of a win.

Beitar Jerusalem vs Vasas SC

Beitar have a good squad and is always strong at home. Vasas have a long trip and Hungarian club teams almost never produce any value in tournaments. This is a good home win for our Europa League qualifications predictions. The payout is 1.75 which is quite fair. Beitar should win this.

AEK Larnaca vs Lincoln Red Imps

This is the biggest home blowout in our Europa League qualifications predictions. Lincoln Red Imps is a strong force in Gibraltar, but that´s a really weak league. The teams from Cyprus is way better and AEK Larnaca is mostly filled with spanish players and a few from other european countries. They will win and they can do it big.
We try over 3.5 goals in the game for 1.95 times the money.

Tre Penne vs Robotnicki Skopje

This is not even matched at all. Tre Penne from San Marino is just as awful as the national team. Robotnicki from Skopje is quite strong team in the qualifications. As long as they play with a regular squad they will win with a couple of goals without any problems. Can be more then 3 goals difference in this Europa League qualifications prediction.
We try handicap -1.5, -2.0 for 1,925 times the money. Then we get some money back if they win with only 2 and a good win if they win bigger.