Confederations Cup betting predictions 2017

Confederations Cup betting predictions 2017

Our Confederations Cup betting predictions 2017 will be presented round by round. There is no point in analyzing round 2 before the first one is played.

The tournament will offer much betting action. And most likely chances to make some money. The best part: it will be no walk in the park for any team. So all games will be close and filled with action.

Confederations Cup betting predictions – Group A

This is our general Confederations Cup betting predictions for the group with Russia, Portugal, New Zealand and Mexico. See the squads here.

Russia: This can be a good team to play against. Russia indeed have potential and many people rate them high. But they have been struggling for a long time and lost to teams like Qatar and Costa Rica. The squad isn´t even good. Most over rated team in the cup.

Portugal: Will have a strong squad and should be able to win the group. Strong attacking team and might be  Confederations Cup 2017 best team to play handicap bets on.

New Zealand: Not a big name team. But still, it´s a team filled with players with enough skills for decent club teams. New Zealand will try to keep down scores. So if under 2.5 goals pays enough it can be a nice move.

Mexico: One of the more under rated teams in Confederations Cup 2017. High potential. In group stage Mexico can be a really good pick against Russia and New Zealand.

Confederations Cup betting predictions – Group B

This is our general Confederations Cup betting predictions for the group with Cameroon, Chile, Australia and Germany. See the squads here.

Cameroon: Everything except last position is good for Cameroon. This is a team that don´t score much. Not even against nations like Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe. So on a good day they keep down the scores.

Chile: Really strong team and good results last year. And that´s in games against strong teams. Do notice that Chile don´t win by outscoring the other team. They win on strong defense and a few goals. Not the best team for handicap bets.

Australia: A way better team than you might believe. Old Tim Cahill is not the only big team player. Trent Sainsbury, Tom Rogic, Mile Jedinak and Massimo Luongo is all decent players. Would be a good Championship club team. Prone to play games with a couple of goals.

Germany: The easiest Confederations Cup betting predictions is to always play Germany. Maybe.Obviously they have world class players on all positions.

Potential to score many goals. And they let in few. How about that?

So always check up if there is any market where Germany wins without letting in goals.

Confederations Cup – first round

Full schedule can be found here.

17.06. 17:00
Russia-New Zealand

18.06. 17:00

18.06. 20:00

19.06. 17:00
Australia- Germany

Confederations Cup betting predictions first round

Russia-New Zealand is a game where Russia should win. But, the odds at Russia is only 1.33 (1/3). That´s not worth playing. But under 2.5 goals pay around 1.95 (20/21) and that´s a way better bet. Most likely 1-0, 2-0 or 1-1 will be the result.

Portugal-Mexico will be the first really good game in Confederations Cup 2017. Over 2.5 goals pay 2.23 (5/4) right now. Which is a good odds. Both team can score!

Cameroon-Chile is a good chance to gamble a bit. A straight win for Chile pays 1.75 (3/4) which is high enough for a bet. The best bet is -1 handicap playing on Chile. That will give you 3.10 (21/10) and thats very tempting. Read the background to why handicap betting is so good.

Australia-Germany will be high scoring and Germany will win. Over 3.5 goals scored in the game pays 2.55 (31/20). That´s really good and might be worth a shot.