How to make 180 pounds

How to make 180 pounds without any risk

How to make 180 pounds without any risk of losing.

First of all, check up the odds for two goals or more from Ronaldo against Russia. It pays 6 times the money. Which is way to much for a good scorer like Ronaldo.

Also, Portugal really need to win and Russias defense did not even impress against New Zeeland.

So, yes it´s quite a good pick.

Then, Unibet offers 30 pounds free bet if you sign up. You can bet 30 pounds and if Ronaldo don´t score twice you get the money back and have another shot at something else.

Six times the money is 180 pounds back.

I would say that´s quite a good chance to make some extra cash.

The free bet bonus can be found in our bonus collection. And of course it´s possible to bet on something else also, but honestly the Ronaldo bet is quite good.