Singapore Argentina prediction

Singapore Argentina prediction big win for Argentina

Singapore Argentina prediction will of course end up with Argentina as winners. The odds is 1.01 on Unibet which really isn´t much of a bet.

This can only mean one of two thing.

  1. Don´t play Singapore Argentina.
  2. Find a market on Singapore Argentina that pays more.

Singapore Argentina prediction – goal line

Singapore is a really low quality team. And Argentina is way better even if they play some reserves, which is possible they do. Singapore Argentina is also a friendly, so no need for a big team to play safe. Argentina will go on attack.

Singapore is, compared to other asian teams, a mediocre national team.

In the last 10 games they let in goal in 7. The only clean sheets was against Cambodia, Bahrain and Philippines. The scores was 1-0, 0-0 and 0-0.

As soon as Singapore face a slightly better team they let in a couple of goals and scores nothing.

Singapore Argentina should be such a game. But with even bigger score.

And yes, that means a high scoring game. Over 4.5 goals is very likely, but pays out only 1,40 and thats just not good enough. Argentina scores quite much even against good teams.

Don´t play over 4.5 even if you believe in over 4.5 goals!

Singapore Argentina prediction – handicap

Handicap is the way to go on this market. Let me tell you why it´s a way better idea than over 4.5.

Singapore score very few goals even against crap nations. And the chances to score on Argentina should be very slim. This means – as long as you believe in over 4.5 goals – this game can only have two outcomes for betting.

  1. Singapore surprise everyone and scores. Then you may play “both teams score” and get 3.60 in odds. And if you still believe a goal from Singapore don´t mean that both teams score, play Singapore and get rich. But that´s really not serious. The chance for both teams to score is slim and a Singapore win is even smaller.
  2. Singapore Argentina ends up with over 4.5 goals and Argentina is the team scoring. That would mean at least 0-5. Then play 3 way handicap with a 4-0 head start for Singapore. This pay 1.70, which is good!

Singapore Argentina prediction summary

In my book Singapore Argentina is a good handicap bet. That´s the best market on this game when you look at risk compared to pay out.

If the game end up with more than 4.5 goals Argentina most likely scores all. And they can score 6 or 7 goals also, which means they can let one in if they feel like it.

That´s why over 4.5 goals to 1.40 is a to low odds. If you believe in over 4.5 goals, but not that Argentina score them… then there is higher paying markets for goals from Singapore.

So the advice must be to place a -4 handicap on Argentina and don´t settle for less than 1.70 in odds.

This is how you pick the better paying odds on two markets that in fact mean the same thing.