La Liga predictions 2017 odds

La Liga predictions 2017 will be our first big analyze of Spain. This season Real Madrid won and to be honest Barcelona had a bit of trouble whole year.
And it´s not unlikely this will keep on. But let´s be honest in our La Liga predictions 2017 – Real Madrid and Barcelona is the key teams that everyone else have to relate to in Spain.

La Liga top 5 table from last season:
Real Madrid, 93.
Barcelona, 90.
Atlético Madrid, 78.
Sevilla, 72 points.
Villarreal, 67 points.

As you notice Real Madrid and Barcelona in the end was way better than other teams.

La Liga predictions 2017, what does the odds say?

The first thing you have to determine when you make La Liga predictions 2017 is, will Barcelona and Real Madrid keep on being 12 and 15 points ahead of Atlético Madrid or will the gap shrink?

That´s the million dollar question before you consider betting on some of the season odds for Spain.

Here´s a quick look at the season winner odds from Betfair.

La Liga Predictions 2017 odds
La Liga Predictions 2017 odds: Barcelona and Real Madrid is way ahead of competition.

So, what do we make of this table? First of all, most likely Real Madrid or Barcelona will win La Liga 2017/2018. That´s a safe guess. But the problem is, it does not pay out at all.

If you bet both team you get your money back without a single cent in winnings. The odds for Real Madrid and Barcelona is way to low to be playable.

And to be honest there is no point holding up money for a whole season for a payout of 1.90. You should not put money into these two teams as season winners. It´s just waste of money and time, and with almost 50 percents chance to fail if the other team wins.

But,  if you even have a remote idea about Real Madrid or Barcelona might fail this is a really good market to place your money on.

La Liga predictions 2017: Real Madrid

La Liga Predictions 2017 Real Madrid.
La Liga Predictions 2017 Real Madrid will be favourites this year again.

Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid should be just as good as last year. Winning the league and winning Champions League puts them on top of European Football.

And of course also on top of everyone else in La Liga. Most likely some transfers will arrive to Madrid before season kick off, but even with that in mind the team should be somewhat of the same standard.

La Liga predictions 2017: Barcelona

la liga predictions 2017 Barcelona
La Liga predictions 2017, Barcelona need MSN to deliver.

Barcelona is the top team in Europe with by far biggest potential to crash and burn. People expect really much from Barcelona in La Liga, but the honest truth is aside Messi, Suarez and Neymar the squad is lacking skills and start to go downhill.

There is questions marks all over the defensive line with players like Umtiti, Mathieu and Digne failing to climb to european top standard. The fact that Javier Mascherano is considered to be a defender in Barcelona is a problem. Because he should not play in a defensive line.

The same goes for the midfielders, where the best players keep on being older and older and the new ones simply is not cut for the job. This was obvious in a couple of games this season and will be worse this year if Barca don´t act.

If Barcelona don´t make a couple of heavy transfer moves this might be the season when they break down.

La Liga predictions 2017: Atlético Madrid

To be honest, for the moment Atlético Madrids squad is not very impressive. On the other hand, it wasn´t that good last season either.

Ángel Correa, Šime Vrsaljko and Lucas Hernández are really promising players that will keep on growing this season. The same goes for Yannick Carrasco, Saúl Ñíguez and Koke.
That would be a good start to start chasing Barcelona and Real Madrid if everything else was unchanged. But most likely it will be quite some transfer action around Atlético Madrid during the summer.
Before you place any odds at all you need to await decision about superstar Antoine Griezmanns future.

La Liga Predictions 2017 Griezmann
La Liga Predictions 2017, will Griezmann stay and help Atlético Madrid?

Without him Atlético should not even be considered for any kind of bet. Most likely they would have problem to land a top 5 spot in La Liga without Griezmann.
Another thing to keep an eye on is what will happen with the older players in Atlético Madrids La Liga squad 2017.
Diego Godín, Kevin Gameiro and Fernando Torres all have important roles in the squad, but sooner or later they will start going down quick. And that´s a problem for Atlético.
If Griezmann stays and one or two of Godín, Gamero and Torres is replace with younger players of high standard this team will be really interesting.
Then the odds of 17.00 is well worth betting on.

La Liga predictions 2017: Sevilla

The 67 times your money odds on Sevilla is that high for a reason. They did not chase the top clubs last year and our La Liga prediction is that they will not be able to do that this year either.

For the moment the squad is very small and that might change, but Sevilla don´t have money or reputation to buy the players they would need to start climbing.

Best case for Sevilla is a third position in La Liga. Everything above that is just simply dreams and will not happen. So Champions is out of question.

La Liga predictions: betting

For the ones who believe in Real Madrid or Barcelona the best La Liga predictions for 2017 is to not play at all for season standings. You will make much more money on keeping your money and play the individual games as handicap bets. It´s just waste of time.

The only real contender odds is Atlético Madrid and that´s nothing you bet big on. But it still might be worth a little bet if Griezmann stays and nothing dramatic happens.

You can always cash in a bonus and spend the bonus money on such a gamble.